30 Days of Wildness – Day 8 – A Bramley Evening

I got back from my travels from Cardiff this evening having been in class for most of the day and a few hours on the train.

It was great to get home however it was too late to go out with the kids (being a school night). So once they were off to bed I took an evenings stroll to see if I could get any decent shots of the countryside as the sun was setting for the 30 Days Challenge.

Just as the sun was setting over the Frith woods I got this nice shot of the Hawthorn Haws developing.

Photo 10-06-2015 22 40 52

Caught up in the Hawthorn tree I spotted a small pigeon feather swaying in the breeze.

Photo 10-06-2015 22 40 54
Feather trap

Below the Hawthorn were some Oxeye Dasies.

Photo 10-06-2015 22 40 54 (1)
Oxeye Daisy

Slowly over the next little while the sun dissapeared with a lovely tinge off red. When I uploaded the pictures to my computer I increased the contrast to darken the shaded areas it had the effect of deepening the reds (I like the effect so decided to keep it).

Photo 10-06-2015 22 40 55
Disappearing sun

Tomorrow night it will be time to get out with the kids again to see what we can find.



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