Here are just a few videos from some of my Bushcraft Days adventures…

Pen y Fan with the Grumpy Chums

Cadair Idris with the Grumpy Chums

Snowdon with the Grumpy Chums

Big Thunder Mountain

Wilderness Gathering 2017

Coastal Survival at the 2017 Wilderness Gathering

A Spider Snack

The Lollistick Fire

Bushmoot 2017 – Bushmoot Life

Go Pro Hero Session A First Try

Space Shuttle Log Rocket Stove with Des Cattys

Vojta – Wilderness Gathering 2017

BUSHMOOT 2017 – Core Days

BUSHMOOT 2017 – Early Days

Smithy Work at the Wilderness Gathering with Dave Budd

JP and the Coyote Kids Ambush

The Cycle of Life

Dartmoor DofE 2017

The Big Oke Abseil

Canyoning in Wales with the Royal Marines Cadets

A Dorset Dip

A Night At The Alamo

Tai Chi with Alan Lewis

A View from the Roof

Bushmoot 2016

The Damp Tinder Fire

The Woven Birch Bark Firelighter

The Birch Bark Fire Fan

Grass Rope Making

Brecon Gold 2016

Chosin Cup 2016 – The Sunday

Chosin Cup 2016 – The Saturday

The Dovetail Log Rocket Stove

Dartmoor DofE with the Sea Cadets

Family Fun at Fraser’s

Chosin Cup 2014 Endurance Race

Chosin Cup 2014 – Day 2 – Sunday

Ceremonial Flag Raising AT Style 

Chosin Cup 2014 – Day 1 – Saturday 

Coastal Survival at the 2014 Wilderness Gathering 

Cold Smoking with Coastal Survival at the 2014 Wilderness Gathering 

Teine Eigin – Part 4 – Assisted Bowdrill 

London Area Junior Sea Cadets Fun Weekend – Crowborough Camp – August 2014 

The Coastal Survival Coast Hunter Knife

Net Making with Coastal Survival

The Egyptian method doubled up

Hammock Stand in Brecon July 2014

Bushcraft Days at the 2014 Wilderness Gathering

Making a Bamboo Fishing Spear with Coastal Survival

BCUK Bushmoot 2014 Fireshow

BCUK Bushmoot 2014 – Day 3 – Traders Day and Group Meal

Shiver Me Timbers

BCUK Bushmoot 2014 – Day 2

BCUK Bushmoot 2014 – Day 1

Bushmoot 2014 Set Up

Teine Eigin – Part 3 – Modern Bowdrill – My Way

Teine Eigin – Part 2 – Bowdrill – The Egyptian Method

Teine Eigin Part 1 The Handrill

PT 109 – A Must Have Toy

 Escapades Verticales

A Step Back In Time – Breton Style 

My Freestanding Hammock Stand

Woodland Wanderings – Part 2

A Woodland Wander

A summer of Teine Eigin

Art under your feet

Whimmy Diddle Wanderings

Machair Madness

Life is Good at the Beach

A day’s play in Ness


Gearrannan Blackhouse Village – Isle of Lewis

Meeting Emily and Lily

Alison’s Accidental Half Marathon

Arrival in Ness – A bright but windy day

Catherine and Finlay – Adventuring in the New Forest

A New Forest Adventure – Remembering HMS Hood and teaching Sea Cadets Adventure Training skills

Setting up a parachute – nice and easy

Junior Sea Cadets Fun Weekend

Mary MacFarlane – Port of Ness – Gran’s village

Port of Ness – Up high and down low

Happy finds and sad finds – orchids, deer and beer

Bramley Bimble – 27th April 14 – Bluebells, Orchids and other spring plants

Easter with Coastal Survival – Foraging

Easter with Coastal Survival – Bimbling and Bows

Easter with Coastal Survival – Day two walk

Orchid Hunting with Catherine and Finlay

Stone Age Day – Ancient Technology Centre – April 2014

Spring Plant Hunting With Finlay

Winter into Spring – Awakenings

Tree Climbing in the Vyne – Feb 2012

My Playground

Firesteels and Marshmallows

A Small Finnish Rakovalkea Gap Fire

Abseiling off Meldon Viaduct in Dartmoor

Hammock Fun with Alison and Finlay

Coastal Survival Long Line 1

Coastal Survival Long Line 2

Initial fish prep after catching with Coastal Survival

Atlatl with the Sea Cadets

Alternative Ice Climbing

Heaving Line Training

Barra – A Beach Landing – 2012

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