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The Bushcraft Days site is designed to record my adventurous activities (select the links above to see more), share some of the skills I teach the Cadets, and – I hope – inspire you to get out there and make your own adventures.





My latest video is on making a firelighter from natural materials only. It lasts for over 5 minutes and great for getting your fire going on these damp days.

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  1. my name is steven bradley i was in the marine cadets in 1967-1969 sherbourn house decima st bermondsey i made corporal
    it was the best time i had as a teenager i lived in flats just off the old kent road all kids were getting into trouble my dad was not havein any this from me he was in the paras full time the when he came out he was in the TAs. I had two prade nights then every weekend we went camping bush craft army assort courses at deal, limpstone,i dont think today with all this health an safety i don’t think kids of today would be aloud to take part i have fired so many weapons been in tanks helicopters sub took part in ten tours dartmoor twice Cleveland competition north yorkshire we came equal second our unit made it to the front cover of soldier magazine we where going over a big scramble net in limpstone.i would like to thank people like your self giving up your time, like the retried military staff that gave us some discipline and direction in life i think that’s whats whats missing to day. i now live in Australia came here in November 1969 with my mate i was nearly 18 i think the time we had together in the cadets made me more independent im 63 now still have fond memories of the cadets i hope the people that are in you care appreciate the time and direction that you giving them keep up the good work and yes we won the chosin cup in 1968 i still have the small trophy i only have look at it and brings back many good memories thanks once more steve per mare per terram

    1. Nice to hear your story Steve.

      Health and safety is the thing nowadays but we can still get out and get back to basics when we can. The Adventure Training team is pretty dedicated and we have a number of staff still working with us from that period – one of the team is in his late 70s – still camps out in a hammock to this day.



        1. Hi Ankita. I know of nowhere where you can buy them however you can contact Wayne Jones at Forest K it hrs bushcraft who taught me how to make them. Best of luck, George

  2. do you know where i can buy a 60″ wood bit, auger to drill through the length of a log , which is 60″ long? thank you, linda

  3. 60 inch drill bit? That doesn’t augur well!
    Loved the otter pictures.
    After last week’s prairie fire this week it was live fire. The hills were alive with the sound of assault rifles but I think it was celebratory rather than in anger.
    ‘Appy days, matey.

  4. We met you at Bramley fete yesterday and wanted to say thank you for such an excellent experience. My 5 year old loved making warm marshmallows and pancakes over the fire, getting in the hammock and looking at all of your tools you have made. Fantastic experience, would love to do again 🙂

  5. George I’m just getting back into the bushcraft word. You taught me loads when I was with the cadets. Your How To. Are inspiring. Keep it up. Hope to meet up sometime soon.

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