30 Days of Wildness – Day 6 – Creative Cardiff

Work has taken me to Cardiff tonight so for the 30 Day Challenge I am once again on my own.

The hotel I am in overlooks Cardiff Castle so for tonights wander I decided to have a look at Bute Park which is located next to Cardiff Castle.

The first thing I found when I entered the park was this lovely carved bench identifying different trees by their leaves – better than any ID book.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 02
An educating bench

The park is a beautiful place to have a bimble in the evening. Before I knew it carvings (natural and man made) were popping up everywhere with the odd little squirrel staring me out.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 03
Man made and natural sculptures

I took all the pictures with my phone camera (Sony Z3) and was quite chuffed to get close enough to the little fella in the bottom left picture to get a decent shot of him.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 04
Spot the real one 🙂

The park not only has beautiful sculptures it also has some stunning trees like the Cedar in the bottom picture.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 05
A park to be proud of

Eventually I found the River Taff and this mature nettle perfectly silhouetted by the sun’s reflection.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 05 (1)
Riverside sculpture

Further along the river bank I came across a downed Willow tree. The tree was over the river so as I scrambled over it I came across this little fella sitting on another tree by the bank. He was so chilled he let me get close enough that I could easily touch him.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 06
Stepped out and spotted this chap

The dominant flower along the length of the River Taff I walked was the beautiful Red Campion.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 07
Red Campion

It was nice to walk through the park looking at and photographing both the fine detail and some of the bigger scenes.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 07 (1)
Up close and far away

The walk finished up at the back of Cardiff Castle.

Photo 08-06-2015 20 32 08
Cardiff Castle

I have never been to Bute Park before and I have to say it is probably the best city park I have ever come across.

I’ll be back 🙂



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