30 Days of Wildness – Day 16 – Hammock Time

I am running a bushcraft evening for our local Beaver group in just over a weeks time and so I went out with the pack leader Amber to check out the woods we would be using.

I took the kids with me as Alison is in London today and also took along a hammock to see if we could easily string a few up on the evening. Hammocks I thought was a good theme for the 30 Day Challenge.

After a good reccee of the site the kids found some clay blobsters the school children had made so they had fun playing with them. We also spotted a colony of ants with lots of flying ants among them (the pictures did not turn out well though).

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 37
Class Recee

After tea we went for an evening bimble and spotted lots of small willowherbs and quite a few ripe wild strawberries.

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 38
Willowherb and Wild Strawberries

In keeping with the hammock theme I put up my small EDC hammock for Catherine and Finlay. This kept the kids happy while I wandered around looking for pictures. Finlay though could not help himself and was soon shimmying up a tree.

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 39
A bit more hammock time

While the kids were in the hammock or up trees I spotted these little critters. The one on the left was sitting on the tip of a small mullein leaf. There was a fight going on in the top right picture and the chap in the bottom right was just sunning himself.

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 39 (1)
Bug spotting

The beauty of the EDC hammock is that it has a zip – great for containing the kids when out and about 🙂

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 40
EDC – Perfect for naughty kids

It was soon time to go home but Finlay could not resist one more shimmy across the narrow ridge over the stream.

Photo 18-06-2015 21 14 41
Carefully does it

Another successful Wild Day I think and who knows what tomorrow will bring (need to think of something fast).



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