30 Days of Wildness – Day 15 – Catherine’s Choice

This 30 Day Challenge is reminding me very clearly what busy lives we lead. I got home from work, had a lovely tea cooked by Alison and then we were out to take Finlay to football practice at 6pm. Finding time for nature can be difficult however not impossible.

Alison decided to go for a run while Finlay was training so I asked Catherine what she wanted to do – Answer – Get an ice cream and go and see the ducks – So off we went.

We were in the lovely village of Sherfield on Loddon so after getting the ice creams we paid the ducks a visit.

Photo 17-06-2015 20 56 12
Catherine’s choice

We sat for a while watching the Ducks and then wandered across to another pond where we got a lovely surprise of a nest of ducklings.

We observed for a few secondsĀ and then backed away to leave them in peace.

Photo 17-06-2015 20 56 13
A little surprise

We tried to sneak up on some rabbits but they were too fast for us but we did spot a lovely little common spotted orchid beside a dried up pond.

Photo 17-06-2015 20 56 13 (1)
Found an orchid

It was soon time to pick Finlay up but when we got there they were running over time a little. I laid back in the grass and got this picture of Finlay as he came by. Alison took the lovely picture of Catherine with the bubble.

Some ball control
Some ball control

Busy lives but a little bit of nature squeezed nicely in šŸ™‚



30 Days of Wildness – Day 4 – Bramley Bimbles

What a cracking day it has been. I had no problem gettingĀ out and about for the thirty day challenge as it was such a lovely day.

We popped out to Clift Meadow here in Bramley for the ‘Big Lunch‘ –Ā my wife Alison had organised an excellent picnic for us. This is a one-day get together for neighbours to meet up and chat over a spot of lunch.

Photo 06-06-2015 16 17 48
Picnic time

My son Finlay was off playing with his friends so after our picnic my daughter Catherine and IĀ went off in hunt of some insects. We went to one of our favourite ponds that is full of Yellow Iris and Brooklime – a perfect attraction for insects.

Photo 06-06-2015 16 17 50
Sit spot

We were hoping to spot some Mayflies but it was not to be. We did though spot some bees on the flowers on the way and at the pond itself a cricket and a small moth on the Brooklime.

Photo 06-06-2015 16 17 50 (1)
Our spots

Later on in the afternoon we jumped on our bikes and headed out to our local woods.

After hiding the bikes we spotted lots of deer tracks and had some fun on the old bridges.

Photo 06-06-2015 19 23 46
Woodland wanders

The main reason to go to this spot was to look for some of the Common Spotted Orchids I know grow here. After a quick recce we soon found them.

Photo 06-06-2015 19 25 45
Orchid hunting

It was soon time for dinner so we headed back for the bikes. On the way back we spotted a pigeon kill site. I had a look at the quills and none of them had been ripped off so I imagineĀ it was a bird of prey that had its dinner here.

Photo 06-06-2015 19 26 41
The journey home

All in all a great day with the family.