Nottingham Nights

Work has brought me to Nottingham tonight. So I have decided to post using only my phone for a change.  Not easy but worth a try I think.

The evening has been warm and it has been great to visit old haunts for me like ‘Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem’.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

The canal always offers a picture or two. Having worked with Crisis for the last 22 years I got a feeling that the shoes I spotted on the toe path had a story to tell,  what that story is I will never know.

Further along the the canal as I bimbled along it was all lit up by flashing lights – on closer inspection there was a real ‘mosaic’ feel to the whole moment.

Just before hitting my hotel a few more moments opened up for me including brooding skies, old & new signs, and a relaxed bunch of geese settling for the night.



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