Spring den building in the garden – Just for fun

I had pollarded a sycamore in my garden during the winter and had stacked up all the rods for use in bushcraft projects this year.

One pollarded sycamore

My kids though had other ideas and wanted a den built with the rods. As the rods were laid up against the tree I got the idea for a quick tipi style of den for them.

We stripped away all the rods that were either too big or too small.

A little help from the kids

We laid the remaining rods around the tree in a tipi style and then wrapped some old tarp around it all.

Wrap some old tarps

I cut up the middle of the tarp to form an opening and then with the kids tacked it all down with wooden pegs. I then added another tarp to reduce the size of the opening.

Cut and tuck

I added a few old sleeping bags to make it comfy and the job was done.

One den ready to go

My kids spent a lovely afternoon in the early spring sunshine playing out in their new den and it took about 45 minutes to make.